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Health education resources

The Regional Public Health Resource Room stocks public health resources to educate the community about keeping well and preventing disease. They are sourced from the Ministry of Health and other public health agencies around New Zealand.   

Ordering resources

Order Ministry of Health resources free online through the HealthEd website.

Anyone is welcome to visit the Health Education Resource Room to view and take resources.  We are located on Level 1 of the Community Health Building, Hutt Hospital. Opening hours are Monday to Friday - 8am to 4.30pm.  

Resources can also accessed by contacting:

Laurina Francis  |  Ph: 04 570 9691  |  Fax: 04 570 9211

  • 2017 Resource Updates 5 Documents

    • 05 May275 KB

      Screening for Breast Cancer | Having a Mammogram | How Much Sugar in That Drink – (Te Reo version) | Swap This For That – Easy Healthy Changes | Good Food – Made Easy / Got Time To Move? – Easy Ways To Be More Active

    • 04 April282 KB

      Immunise Against Chickenpox (English and Māori versions) | Immunise Their Best Protection – poster (English and Māori versions) | Has Your Teen Missed Any Immunisations? – poster | Ear Infections, Earache and Glue Ear

    • 03 March365 KB

      Spiders in NZ | Tuberculosis | Hepatitis A | Keeping an Eye on Your Child’s Hearing | Keeping an Eye on Your Child’s Vision

    • 02 February231 KB

      Preventing HIV Infection | Campylobacter, E. coli and Salmonella | Cryptosporidium and Giardia | Hepatitis B and C | Head lice

    • 01 January383 KB

      Immunise Against HPV (4 new resources) | Be Sunsmart | Brush Baby Teeth Day and Night (poster) | Rheumatic Fever Heart Disease (booklet) | Food Portions