Immunisation aganist influenza is FREE for pregnant women

Influenza is not a cold. It can be a dangerous illness that can pose a very serious risk to your life and that of your unborn baby. There are a number of influenza related complications that can affect development in the womb and can even lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

Influenza immunisation is free and strongly recommended for women who will be (or intend to be) pregnant during autumn and winter (usually early March to 31 December each year).

It may be reassuring to know that your influenza vaccine does not cross the placenta into your baby. The vaccine simply stimulates your own immune system to make antibodies that can fight off the virus.

Talk to your family doctor or midwife today about getting the free influenza immunisation now, before the start of the influenza season.

Further information on influenza is available here.

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