Published Tuesday 19 Mar 2019

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Note: measles immunisation is free.


There is a large and ongoing outbreak of measles in Christchurch. Auckland and Dunedin have now also reported measles cases.

While there are currently NO reported cases in the greater Wellington region, people will move around NZ during the school holiday period of 13 - 28 April, which includes Easter (19 April –22 April), and ANZAC Day (25 April), and it is likely measles will spread.

Be prepared

  • Children: parents should check their children's Plunket or Well Child/Tamariki Ora book to confirm they are protected. See above FAQs
  • Adults: if unsure if you're protected, check your personal health records e.g. your Plunket or Well Child/Tamariki Ora book. See above FAQs 
  • Phone your local medical centre to arrange to be immunised if not protected.
  • Don’t delay: to be protected before the school holiday period, immunisation needs to occur by Saturday 30 March. This is because it takes 14 days to develop protection after immunisation.

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