The Medical Officer of Health is required to report on all applications for:

  • On Licences (e.g. pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars),
  • Off Licences (e.g. supermarkets, bottle stores, wineries),
  • Club Licences (e.g. sports clubs, RSAs, working men's clubs) and
  • Special Licences (short term licenses for particular events or series of
    events on premises/ locations normally unlicensed, or to alter the conditions of
    a licenses to allow for particular events).

Regulatory Officers from Regional Public Health carry out investigations primarily focused on the suitability of the applicant especially their focus on preventing alcohol related harm (host responsibility).

As part of the investigations, staff collaborate with New Zealand Police and Licensing Inspectors from the Territorial Local Authorities to carry out monitoring of premises and Controlled Purchase Operations.

Controlled Purchase Operations involve testing licensees procedures to ensure minors are not supplied with alcohol and also to ensure that Licensees meet their legal requirements relating to the promotion and availability of
appropriate food.


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Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

Health Promotion Agency

Last updated 29 February 2016.