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Who does Well Homes help?

Well Homes works with whānau who:

  • hold a Community Services Card (CSC), or are of low income (indicated by accessing food banks, Work and Income benefits, budgeting services, social agencies);
  • live within the greater Wellington region (including Wairarapa);

AND are under care because:

  • there are children in the whānau with respiratory conditions
  • they are pregnant, or a new mother
  • they are working with Child Youth and Family (CYFs), or Corrections
  • other (the health of the whānau is at risk due to cold, damp housing).

What if whānau don’t fit the above criteria?

Whānau who don’t meet the above criteria but their health is at risk due to a cold, damp home can still be referred and we will link them with an appropriate housing service (such as Warm Fuzzies, Eco Design Advisors etc).

What does Well Homes do?

When a referral is received, the whānau is contacted by the Well Homes administrator by phone, and the whānau are then linked with the most appropriate housing service.

The Well Homes team carries out a FREE housing assessment with the family in their home and identifies needs which may include structural damage or safety concerns, insulation, heating and curtains as well as provide education around ventilation and how to reduce, treat and prevent mould.

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Last updated 14 May 2020.