After we receive the referral our Well Homes administrator will try and contact you. She will tell you about the programme and how we may be able to help you and your family. She will also gain your consent to look at your children and your own hospital records to ensure that you are allocated to the correct provider.

Once a provider is allocated, a home assessor will make contact to arrange a home visit (this is usually within six weeks of contacting you). We aim to book a time that will work with you and your family. Unfortunately at this stage this is within normal working hours.

The home visit can take up to 1.5 hours. The home assessor will discuss your concerns, health needs, home situation and, with your permission, look around the property to assess the curtains, heating, insulation, maintenance concerns etc.

At times the assessor will take photographs (with your consent). These are used to formulate a report for your landlord/Housing NZ.

During the visit our assessor will work with you to create a whanau plan, which may include referrals, interventions and advocacy.

Three months after the visit, your home assessor will contact you to ask if the visit has been helpful, if you have received any interventions, and if there are any outstanding concerns. Following this Well Homes will send an outcomes report to your healthcare provider, referrer and yourself.

Another phone call is made around six months following the home visit for the purposes of evaluation.

At any stage you are welcome to phone and enquire or give feedback to the service, this is best done by calling us on 0800 675 675.

Last updated 2 February 2017.