Cooking support

Good Food programme

Te Awakairangi Health Network offer the Good Food programme as a hands on practical cooking programme for people wanting to gain new skills in preparing healthy meals and weight management. The group aims to show people how to cook favourite dishes and snacks in a healthy way with an emphasis on creating meals on a tight budget.

Previously, Good Food programmes have been hosted by community houses, marae, kohanga reo and other community organisations. Food, tutors, workbooks and recipe books are all provided for free.

For more information please contact Daniel on 04 570 3045 or email

Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation offers a range of information and resources on healthy eating and leading a healthy lifestyle, including tips on how to make your food shopping cheaper and healthier, swapping your unhealthy eating habits with new ones, understanding food labels and free recipes and cookbooks.

For more information visit the Heart Foundation website at

Community education

The Community Education Centre, based at Wellington High School offers courses and classes on food. Classes are held at night time for a small cost.  For more information on the classes available visit

Fruit and Vegetable Co-op Cooking Pilot 2016

In 2016 a cooking pilot was designed to support participants to master recipes that can be modified to incorporate fresh produce from the Fruit and Vegetable Co-operative. These are the recipes that were used in the pilot and can be adapted for different seasonal vegetables or what you have in the fridge/pantry/garden.

Recipes from the pilot:

Recipes (cookbooks downloads)

For other healthy recipes, also see:

Last updated 13 July 2017.