Published Tuesday 19 Mar 2019

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Note: measles immunisation is free.


There is a large and ongoing outbreak of measles in Christchurch. Auckland, Bay of Plenty, and Dunedin have now also reported measles cases.

Be prepared

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine, given on-time, is the best way to prevent measles. It is available free in New Zealand to people born on/after 1 January 1969 and two doses of the MMR vaccine is 99% effective in preventing measles.

  • Children: parents should check their children's Plunket or Well Child/Tamariki Ora book to confirm they are protected. See above FAQs
  • Adults: if unsure if you're protected, check your personal health records e.g. your Plunket or Well Child/Tamariki Ora book. See above FAQs 
  • Phone your local medical centre to arrange to be immunised if not protected.
  • Don’t delay: it takes 14 days to develop protection after immunisation.

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