The sustainable management of land, air and water resources is a key element of maintaining, promoting and protecting public health.

Local authorities process and issue resource consents and develop long term strategic plans, which determine how resources such as land, air and water can be used by people.

The objective of our resource management programme is to promote local authorities’ good decision-making around applications for resource consents, the development of policy statements and plans, and general resource management decision-making from a public health perspective.

We make submissions on relevant plans, policies and resource consent applications to ensure that public health aspects are considered and that there are not adverse affects to population health.

Another key aspect of this work is to ensure that strong networks are developed with other key agencies involved in resource management.


Further information

Visit the Ministry for the Environment website to read more about the Resource Management Act.

A series of guides about everday matters under the RMA can be found here.

Last updated 13 March 2018.