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Measles is a serious disease, even more contagious than COVID-19 so it spreads fast.

Getting immunised is the best way to protect yourself, whānau and communities from catching and spreading measles.

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How many non immune people can one sick person infect?

If you get measles, you could get between 12 and 18 people sick.

2019 Measles Outbreak

2019 saw the largest measles outbreak in New Zealand in more than 20 years!

Over 2000 people contracted measles, and 700 needed to go to hospital.

The majority of people who got infected were between the ages of 15-30 and weren't immunised. They then passed the disease onto babies who could not yet get immunised.

Five good reasons to get immunised

  • You can get very sick if you get measles
  • You can make others very sick if you get measles
  • If you get measles when you’re pregnant*, it can affect your baby
  • You can get your MMR vaccine and your Covid-19 vaccine at the same time
  • You could miss out on earning, learning or having fun

* You can’t have the MMR vaccine when you’re pregnant.

The vaccine works by helping your body to make antibodies that fight measles

  • The MMR vaccine is given as an injection in your arm.
  • When you’ve had the MMR vaccine, your immune system will fight the measles virus if you come into contact with it for real.
  • This protects you – and those around you – from getting sick or spreading measles.