Public Health and Wesley Community Action has over 35 fruit and vege co-op pick up points across the greater Wellington region, including the Wairarapa.

Anyone can join and there’s likely to be a pick-up point near you.

The cost is $15 a week for a bag of seasonal fruit and vegetables. The estimated retail value of each bag is usually over $20.

Our nutrition team has some great recipes below you can use too.

How does it work?

The co-op is open to everyone - simply select the coo-op below nearest you and register. Then place your order one week in advance. There is no commitment to order every week.

The coordinator buys fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables from local suppliers and growers every week. Because the produce is bought in bulk we get a good price. This means we can provide a bag to our members for much less than the cost in a supermarket.

It’s a great deal for you – and it helps us to provide affordable tāmaota hauora kai (fresh healthy food) to everyone in our community. It’s a numbers thing. The more whānau who buy our packs, the more delicious fresh produce we can get into every pack.

The fruit and vegetables are delivered to our hubs where our wonderful volunteers put them into individual packs. The fruit and vege packs are then available for collection at set times from our pickup points.

Please bring your own bag to your chosen pickup point and transfer your produce to your bag to take home.

Last updated 24 March 2023.