Newsletter Snippets (or inserts) are designed for schools to include in their communications to address specific health topics.

We've prepared clinically approved health advice for a range of issues relevant to schools. At times, we will actively encourage schools to share some high priority health messages as snippets throughout the school year - for example winter illness in term two.

Other snippets provide guidance on more general health topics such as head lice, hand hygiene, nutrition or looking after skin -information that schools can choose to share as required. 

By using snippets from our website you can be assured that you are sharing up-to-date health guidance for your school community. 


How to use snippets:

  1. Download or save the snippet
  2. Insert directly into your newsletter, emails, website or social media

Or adjust for your own format:

  1. Download the image
  2. Copy the messaging from the snippet
  3. Add extra information as needed


Term 2 Snippets - priority messaging for schools

For term 2 we’re promoting health messaging on dental care and winter illness.




Last updated 17 May 2022.