Regional Public Health (RPH) is the public health unit for the Wairarapa, Hutt Valley and Capital & Coast District Health Boards. Our purpose is to improve and protect the health of the population in the greater Wellington region with a focus on reducing inequalities. Read more about our service here.


If you are sick with diarrhoea and tummy upset - DO NOT swim in public pools or splash pads for at least two weeks.

Movin' March 2018

Beat school run chaos in 2018 and help encourage an active travel culture - register your school for Movin’March!

Save the date!

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Give a Flick!

Kiri from Well Homes sees energy poverty a lot and it's why they're backing Flick Electric's latest promotion.

Fruit and vege co-ops

Fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices delivered each week to your community. Join one today!

Water in schools

We encourage all schools to become water only. Go the H2O and be a water only school!

Latest news

  • SHIVERS-II influenza research

    6 Mar 2018

    The SHIVERS projects are aimed at improving the understanding of influenza and respiratory viruses and how to prevent their spread. Regional Public Health has been invited to participate in this significant research project.

  • Cryptosporidiosis and swimming facilities

    16 Feb 2018

    Regional Public Health has noticed an increase in cryptosporidium cases, many associated with swimming facilities, in the Wellington region over recent weeks.