Our health promotion advisors adopt a broad approach using regulatory and promotional activities to support the responsible supply of alcohol, promote moderate consumption and encourage harm reduction in the Wellington region. We particularly support our priority populations groups: Māori, Pacific and young people.

Our promotional activities raise awareness of alcohol issues, promote and support effective alcohol policies.

Our regulatory activities seek to improve accountability in alcohol retailing. We work alongside alcohol retailers, councils and the police, to foster the responsible sale and supply of alcohol.

    Liquor Licensing

    National Public Health Service - Wellington Region has a statutory role in ensuring that the harms from excessive alcohol consumption are minimised across the region.

    This includes:

    • Implementation and compliance of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
      National Public Health Service - Wellington Region is one of three enforcement agencies involved in the alcohol licensing application process for the greater Wellington region. The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 requires the Medical Officer of Health, Council and New Zealand Police to report on all alcohol licence applications.
    • Data collection, monitoring and surveillance systems
      National Public Health Service - Wellington Region collects data on alcohol availability and promotion to understand how alcohol is impacting our community and how we can reduce alcohol-related harm.
    • Informing policy and legislation
      We inform and engage decision makers to ensure policy and legislation reflects current evidence on alcohol and alcohol-related harm. Our focus is on reducing the risks for those experiencing the highest impact of alcohol-related harm, such as Māori, Pacific, young people and those living in lower socio-economic areas. We work collaboratively with NZ Police, licensing inspectors from the territorial authorities (councils), and other organisations in the greater Wellington region to carry out monitoring of premises to ensure minors are not supplied with alcohol and that licensees meet their legal requirements relating to host responsibility.

    The medical officer of health reports on all applications for:

    • On Licences (e.g. pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars)
    • Off Licences (e.g. supermarkets, bottle stores, wineries)
    • Club Licences (e.g. sports clubs, RSAs, working men's clubs)
    • Special Licences (short term licenses for particular events or series of events on premises/locations normally unlicensed, or to alter the conditions of a licensee to allow for particular events)


    We provide informative submissions to key law and policy makers regarding alcohol related harm legislation.


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    Last updated 28 May 2024.