A safe and adequate supply of drinking water is an essential requirement for health. Many small communities do not have access to safe drinking water and small suppliers often require assistance and guidance. Public Health works towards improving the safety and adequacy of water supplies in our region by assessing suppliers of water to more than one property and providing advice to private/household supplies. This is achieved via the following actions:

  • Administering the requirements of the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007
  • Assessing water supplies compliance with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand
  • Assessing water supplies and assigning a ‘Public Health Grade’
  • Assessing water supplier’s ‘water safety plans’
  • Conducting an annual review of the microbiological water quality in the region
  • Helping small water supplies with technical advice via the ‘Drinking Water Technical Assistance Programme’
  • Providing resources for household drinking water supplies

DHB community water fluoridation position statements

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Last updated 12 October 2022.