The workplace is an important setting for promoting health and wellness. Evidence supports the need for health and wellness programmes within the workplace in order to reverse the poor health outcomes that are experienced by many New Zealand adults. Māori and Pacific employees and low income earners are disproportionately affected by poor health.

Workplaces can provide a supportive environment to promote healthy lifestyles to a large proportion of the adult population. A healthy workforce has been shown to provide many benefits for both the employer and employee including:

  • reduced costs relating to injury, absenteeism and presenteeism
  • greater productivity and return on investment
  • reduced absenteeism and presenteeism rates
  • greater staff retention
  • reduced risk of injury
  • improved job satisfaction and
  • a happier, more resilient workforce.

Public Health has developed a practical resource to assist workplaces to implement a health and wellness programme. It encourages workplaces to provide a supportive environment and healthy policies for employees that promote physical activity, healthy eating, smoke-free and mental wellbeing:


WorkWell is a free, workplace wellbeing initiative which supports workplaces to ‘work better through wellbeing’.

Developed by Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service, WorkWell can be adapted to any workplace. With step by step support and mentoring from an assigned WorkWell advisor, easy to use resources, workshops, networking opportunities and recognition through accreditation, WorkWell can help create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

Public health advisors have been trained and are supported by Toi Te Ora and are here to support your organisation become a healthy happy workplace.

For more information about the WorkWell programme visit the WorkWell website.

Public Health WorkWell advisors are happy to meet with your organisation or business in the Wellington region to discuss your needs or enquiries relating to workplace wellbeing. Please contact us on 04 570 9002 or email


Good4Work is a free and easy-to-use web based workplace wellbeing tool that helps identify things you can do to integrate wellbeing into the way you lead, your work practices, relationships and environments.

It has been designed for small to medium-sized organisations, and those that are just getting started with workplace wellbeing.

It starts with a quiz to identify what you are already doing and what more you could do to improve wellbeing.

Last updated 12 October 2022.