Our staff include a range of occupations including: medical officers of health, public health advisors, public health physicians, health protection officers, public health nurses, and public health analysts.

We have skilled staff with knowledge, resources and information and a focus on the health of communities addressing the underlying social factors that affect people’s health and well-being.

You can view a copy of our Public Health organisational chart here.



Peter Gush
General Manager


Medical Officers of Health

We have four Medical Officers of Health, each of which are doctors who have specialised in public health medicine. Medical Officers of Health are designated under the 1956 Health Act by the Director General of Health to improve, protect and promote the health of the population in their health districts.

Medical Officers of Health maintain a big picture view of public health with regard to infectious disease, food safety, water for drinking and recreational use, and hazardous substances. A large part of their work is to ensure public health issues are managed in accordance with legislation and scientific evidence. They also provide public health expert advice and advocacy in the areas of environmental health, communicable disease, and harm reduction.

We also have two Medical Officers, who work in managing tuberculosis.

Dr Annette NesdaleDr Stephen PalmerDr Jill McKenzieDr Craig Thornley









Last updated 13 October 2023.