We want water to be the first drink of choice at all activities and events around the Wellington region.

Check out the list of Hydration Stations and Dispensers to hire one out for your event. These are FREE to use in the Wellington Region for schools and community organisations.


Hydration station specifications

hydration station dimensions

Product Features

  • 1300mm height
  • Interchangeable branding panels
  • Durable bag for unit and accessories
  • Drainage system eliminates standing water
  • Stand alone unit or interconnect multiple units
  • Bottle rest / single handed use
  • Heavy duty chassis and internal frame
  • Wheelchair Accessibility – designed with DDA features
  • One-hand bottle refill
  • Anti-bacterial nozzles
  • Dual sided

How to set it up

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to set up?

  • To see how easy it is to set up watch the set up video (above). An instruction card is provided in a pocket in the carry bag.

Is it good for large events?

What taps can we use?

  • All regular outside garden taps are suitable. A two piece tap attachment is included in the bag which covers two different tap sizes. The tap attachment is suitable for the station hoses but not standard garden hoses.

Is there a water fountain included?

  • No, the station is only for filling water bottles. There are larger stations within the region which have a fountain and bottle filling capability.

Is it easy to transport?

  • Yes. The station fits in most small cars with the back seat down. It comes in a large canvas bag with wheels. There is also a strap to help with carrying it up steps etc.

How much does it cost to hire?

  • It is free to use in the Wellington Region for schools and community organisations.

What paperwork is required when hiring?

  • A Loan Agreement is emailed and needs to be completed to confirm the booking.
Last updated 9 November 2023.