Health snippets have concise information to include in your communications to address specific health issues.

What is a snippet?

A snippet is a short, snappy piece of information that contains clinically approved health advice for a range of health issues relevant to primary and intermediate schools, and kura kaupapa. They're user-friendly communication resources that schools can include in newsletters, emails or social channels when communicating with parents, caregivers and their school communities.

By sharing these snippets schools can be assured that they are sharing up-to-date health guidance for your community. Snippets are not designed to provide detailed information on a health issue, but they will often provide a link to further information that audiences can refer to, if they need further information.

Check back regularly each term, as we will continue to add new relevant snippets.

What information to share and when?

At times, we will actively encourage schools to share some high priority health messages as snippets throughout the school year.

For example as it comes into winter in term 2 - we encourage you to promote messaging on winter illness and hygiene reminders. We have other seasonal related messages to promote as well, such as being sun smart over summer. Other snippets provide guidance on more general health topics such as head lice, hand hygiene, nutrition or looking after skin -information that you can choose to share as required, or when you have spare space in your newsletter.

How to use snippets

Download or save the whole snippet image and insert directly into your newsletter, email, website or social media channel.

Or adjust for your own format: download the image, copy the messaging from the snippet, and add any extra information as needed.

Last updated 15 August 2023.