Randwick School supports brain hydration

Randwick School in Moera Lower Hutt is a decile 3 year 1-8 school focused on caring for others and achieving greatness. The school decided to become water-only last year, in 2016, as they wanted children to understand the benefits of brain hydration.

Water is the only drink on offer at Randwick School with many of the school’s children now having their own drink bottles in the classroom to hydrate regularly throughout the day. The school is now currently looking at a way to provide drink bottles to those children who do not have their own, to increase the ‘water’ message.

Each classroom has a sink for re-filling drink bottles and multiple water fountains available around the school. The school’s position is to promote water as the preferable drink of choice.

Teachers have taken up the challenge to be 'water-only' role models and regularly drink water in front of the children to highlight the importance of hydration. The school’s teachers have noticed better concentration and work habits from the students and a sense of responsibility for their own hydration.

Parents have commented very favourably on the water-only initiative and are extremely supportive of the school’s water-only message.

Written by Simonne Goodall, Principal of Randwick School

Last updated 12 February 2018.