We have designated Smokefree Enforcement Officers who monitor and enforce the smokefree and vapefree legislation and regulations. The various regulations in the Act regulate smokefree and vapefree workplaces and public spaces, banning the marketing and advertising of tobacco and promotion of tobacco products.

The Acts state that:

  • the buildings and grounds of schools and early childhood centres are both smokefree and vapefree
  • inside licensed premises (bars, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, casinos) are smokefree and vapefree
  • all workplaces are smokefree and vapefree indoors
  • the display of tobacco products in retail outlets is restricted
  • herbal smoking products are included in the restrictions
  • it is illegal to sell tobacco and vaping products to anyone under the age of 18 years
  • prohibits the display of tobacco products (inside or outside their premises) at any sales outlet

We also conduct 'controlled purchase operations' (CPOs) with premises who sell tobacco and vaping products. CPOs involve volunteers under 18 years who attempt to purchase tobacco or vaping products. This is a way to educate and teach tobacco and vape retailers to ask for and check identification of anyone purchasing tobacco.

Make a complaint if you see:

  • someone smoking or vaping in an area that should be smokefree and vapefree
  • someone underage purchasing vapes or cigarettes
  • tobacco promotion or advertising
  • something else you think breaches the Smokefree Environments Act.

Contact us and we will investigate your complaint (link to complaints page instead: www.rph.org.nz/public-health-topics/tobacco-vaping-control/vaping-complaints/).

You can read more about, and view the full Smokefree Environment Act on the Ministry of Health. You can also download various smokefree pamphlets from HealthEd.

Last updated 15 July 2024.