New Zealand is free of many exotic human, animal and plan diseases and their carriers.

Our health protection officers help to protect public health, the environment, New Zealand flora and fauna, marine life, and Māori resources by making sure international craft entering New Zealand, by sea or air, are free of rodents and other vectors that are capable of carrying diseases such as the plague. We also manage the public health risks of travellers bringing illness into New Zealand.

Most infectious disease events in New Zealand involving foreign aircraft and ships relate to illness caused by inadequate food safety, hygiene measures or person-to-person spread of a disease.

Exotic mosquitoes

Our health protection officers undertake exotic mosquito surveillance. This is to prevent diseases such as Ross River virus and dengue fever, carried by some exotic mosquitoes, establishing in New Zealand.

The main sites monitored are CentrePort and Wellington International Airport. Health protection officers also take calls from the public about suspected exotic mosquitoes.

Contact the Ministry of Primary Industry if you have any questions about biosecurity or if you think you have found an exotic mosquito phone 0800 MOZZIE.


Further information

Biosecurity Act 1993

Maritime Border Control

Ministry for Primary Industries

Last updated 13 March 2018.