This form is to be completed when your facility has a suspected gastro or respiratory (including COVID-19, RSV and Influenza, ILI) outbreak amongst your residents or staff.

Note: It is NOT required for any ill residents or staff in independent facilities.

If you have any questions please email

Please include the name and contact number of the person notifying but do NOT include any personal health information about ill residents or staff.

This form is to be completed when your facility has an outbreak, as defined below.

If you are concerned the outbreak is getting out of control or you have questions and want public health advice please phone 04 570 9002 and ask to speak to the on-call Health Protection Officer.

Outbreak definition:


A respiratory outbreak including COVID-19 is defined as

  • 3 cases (staff or resident) in 48 hours
  • or 4 cases (staff or resident) in 7 days 

Gastro outbreak

  • 2 or more cases of acute gastroenteritis in 48 hours
  • 2 or more cases linked to common source/common event


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  • Residents with illness

  • Staff will illness

  • Outbreak support

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  • If your facility has an outbreak of gastroenteritis, or a respiratory outbreak (that is NOT due to COVID-19) a Health Protection Officer will contact you to discuss laboratory testing and provide an outbreak number if testing of faecal or pcr specimens are required.

    Please continue to report COVID positive test results on behalf of your residents (via RAT Catcher or My COVID Record i.e. or call 0800 222 478 and choose option 3).

    Please note, registering and reporting via RAT Catcher is preferable as this means the system will capture that the person is a resident in a facility. Recording via My Covid Record means you are likely to get some calls from the Care in the Community teams asking if your residents need any clinical or manaaki support. If you are interested in using RAT Catcher, please email

    Thank you. The Public Health Service will be in contact with you.

Last updated 26 March 2024.