Connect, Me Whakawhanaunga Talk and listen. Be there. Feel connected.

Strong relationships with others are an essential part of building resilience and boosting wellbeing.

Evidence shows that CONNECTING with others including colleagues, friends, whānau and the wider community promotes wellbeing, and helps build a support network for when times get tough. We all need to feel close to other people, and valued by them. At work, having good relationships with colleagues helps us stay motivated and engaged. Connecting is about being there for others, talking and listening, and feeling a sense of belonging.


  • Talk to someone – and really listen
  • Organise a shared lunch
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Eat lunch with colleagues
  • Find ways to collaborate
  • Plan a social event at work
  • Play with your kids
  • Talk or phone instead of emailing
  • Join a team or club

“I arrange to meet a friend for lunch once a week. Just an hour away from the office having a chat, sharing worries and having a laugh reenergises me.” Julia, IT support

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Last updated 6 May 2020.