Being curious and seeking out new experiences positively stimulates the brain.

Setting goals, being open to new ideas and continuing to LEARN throughout life helps boost wellbeing and build resilience.

Learning improves our self-esteem, keeps us connected and involved and helps us adapt to change and find meaning in our lives. It has also been shown to help prevent depression in later years.

Learning is more than just formal education – it’s about exploring new ideas, seeing opportunities, embracing new experiences and sharpening our skills. It means being curious and having an enquiring mind, in all areas of life.


  • Take a course
  • Learn an instrument or language
  • Visit a public art space
  • Add to your work knowledge
  • Organise lunchtime workshops
  • Set a goal and work towards achieving it
  • Take on a new task or help someone
  • Get to know your colleagues more
  • Join a book club
  • Listen to a podcast or read a journal article

“Once a month we have a lunchtime workshop. An organising group member invites someone to talk to us, or do an activity, and we provide sandwiches. I persuaded my husband to come and give us some basic accounting principles, and last month we had a demonstration on maintaining a bicycle from the bike shop – I think they sold two!” AM, Marketing

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Last updated 7 May 2020.